Karen Kadin is the American co-founder of Brands at Work, a live events and communications business enterprise based entirely in London. She left New York for a London secondment, handiest to depart her cumbersome WPP organization process some years later to installation her commercial enterprise with British co-founder John Birger. Their state-of-the-art organization gives a tailor-made, personalized carrier with an unusual, innovative approach.

Starting with just the two founders operating away on their laptops in a participants’ club, the business enterprise now has 15 workforces. It occupies a two-story purple-bricked building called “The Garden House” in the coronary heart of Victoria, London. The crew all performed a part in designing and fitting out the new workspace, developing an inspiring, buzzing office subculture.

Many organizations tend to chase the modern-day, coolest startup patron or a hit superstar tech organization. Brands at Work is unique, specializing in bringing creativity to the much less glamorous industries. Karen Kadin explains their achievement: “We felt there was the tremendous untapped possibility in industries consisting of economic offerings, insurance, and prescribed drugs with marketplace-leading clients that would gain from our creativity and content material aid, so we built our foundations with those types of customers, and it has developed from there.”


Brands at Work love are telling tales with a content-led, target market-engaging method. The assignment companies on “the manner matters have constantly been completed here” and convince them to do otherwise to inspire and interact with their employees. The purpose of each mission is to take dry, complex content material and remodel it into lifestyles.

Their corporation has long passed from energy to energy, winning Agency of the Year UK at the C&IT Awards in 2018, competing in opposition to different groups like Clive, Smyle Group, OrangeDoor, and SevenEvents. Being a smaller, quirky employer that offers a different, greater creative perspective and is extraordinarily collaborative with neighborhood suppliers and strategic partners, this is one activity organization set to attain incredible stardom. The enterprise has been built merely from word of mouth and referral, without outside buyers yet.

In 2017 revenues grew a whopping one hundred twenty-five % – from £four.2 million (US$five. Five million) to £9.6 million (US$12.5 million) due to expanding their business globally and landing contracts with huge names like Deloitte, Prudential, Dominos, Novartis, and Biogen. In the last 12 months, the point of interest has been building stable foundations with their customers and strategic partners. As a result, revenues have endured growing, from £9.6 million (US$12.Five million) to £eleven.4 million (US$14.9 million) in 2018. Companies love them because the combination of American determination and British sophistication is putting them other than their competitors.