Have you seen any copywriters? Not very lengthy in the past, this will be my sarcastic chorus each nighttime at five while my writers might be absconding. More often than no longer, the question might be met with a silent jerk of the thumb, indicating the chai-tapri outside.

Today, I ask the question in a completely distinctive context, collaring peers, HR people and commonly anyone who may know of a ‘good’ copywriter I can rent. Because, the horrid truth is, they’re swiftly slipping into extinction as a species. We can place on a courageous face and declare we nevertheless own first-rate writing skills in advertising. We don’t!

It’s now not that the sector is suddenly and cruelly bereft of writers, but permits are honest: there aren’t too many of them coming to advertising and marketing. Traditionally, copywriters have ‘drifted’ into advertising and marketing from different professions or with the aid of unfortunate coincidence! With the exception of the bizarre CCC route at MICA, no one is grooming kids for the career anymore. At the recent Kyoorius One Show Portfolio Night, there was only one writer many of the 5 finalists.

Writing at the wall

It commenced with portfolios laced with grammatical errors; then trying to find expertise, which might normally take 3 to four weeks, started out taking months; and finally, interviews have become a dreaded word. Once, when I became going via a portfolio at an interview, I had a minor seizure. It became infested with negative writing that made me flinch. I mustered enough braveness to ask the guy why, and at once knew it becomes a bad concept. He smugly answered, “I am more of an ideas man or woman.” My first instinct becomes to skip his work thru the paper shredder. But better sense prevailed, and I virtually asked him to strive growing tomatoes in Hosur.

It’s now not like there’s a Bermuda Triangle for copywriters. So, if good copywriters are nevertheless round, in which are they headed? Frankly, they appear to be everywhere, in more moderen, sexier professions — from becoming a member of content material writing corporations, OTT structures like Hotstar and Netflix, digital groups, tech corporations like Google and Ola, to turning into unbiased filmmakers. It’s a no-brainer for young writers. Why be in a profession that is still struggling to reinvent itself while you can be at an area that’s on the pinnacle of the curve?

Shake matters up

So, is all misplaced for advertising and marketing? I, for one, might not give up so without problems. Yes, our paychecks aren’t precisely up there with the first-rate, and take-domestic earnings is simply that — you can’t find the money for to head anywhere else with it! I accept as true with we are able to nevertheless attract the pleasant obtainable with quite a few tweaking and a little little bit of pampering. But we need to get off our excessive horse and reel the expertise in. We still inform the exceptional stories and are wizards at mixing this with in-depth expertise of the way brands work. Train your copywriters well, spend time with them, lead them to experience precious and weave an innovative subculture so powerful, they may by no means want to leave notwithstanding the pay!

This isn’t about organizing that occasional workshop (which, by the way, is every other extinct occasion way to fee-cutting). Open your doorways wide to musicians, artists, cooks, technologists, scientists and pretty much all people who are shaping society nowadays. Get the innovative team to have interaction with them in an open residence. Set aside finances to create just three tasks a year through this collaboration.

Get your writers to start thinking up new and relevant conversations for his or her manufacturers on platforms which might be agnostic. Can you enforce a rule for each big short that you will now not pass back with a 30-second film?


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