As exciting as it may appear, it was a challenging task to select the right car in 2021. With many options, you need to filter out your preferences for every feature you need. Where will I drive my car? Is it a family car or a personal car? What electronics do I need? These are some of the many questions that can perplex you. This article simplifies your confusion yet keeps the excitement high enough to buy a new car in 2021. Let’s have a look–


The type of car to buy

The first and foremost choice is the type of car you need to buy. This is a purely personal preference, and there are no set rules to conclude. Addressing a few questions like ‘Where will I most drive my car?’, ‘Am I going to be the sole driver of the car?’ What features must I look at when buying the car?’, etc., will help you conclude. Different categories of vehicles are available, like hatchbacks, SUVs, MUVs, sedans, etc. Not all are suited for all terrains and traffic conditions.

Paying attention to the resale value of the car

Some car brands have a higher resale value as compared to others. The primary reason for this is the brand reputation and perception among the masses. The car being a depreciating asset, tend to lose its value. Also, car owners upgrade to newer models for this very reason. So, considering these factors, purchase a car from a higher resale value manufacturer. Although there is no precise way to estimate your car’s valuation, the insured declared value or IDV in your four-wheeler insurance gives the closest estimate of the current valuation of your vehicle.

Safety features of the car

While the government is constantly increasing the minimum safrequirementsment for all vehicles, you need to pay special attention to the safety features when shortlisting one. Some manufacturers offer better features than the rest, and selecting a car with better safety features helps in the long run.

Insurance cover to buy

Most individuals overlook buying the right insurance policy and take the one their dealer offers. It won’t always suit you since your dealer has few ideas about where you shall predominantly drive the car or the parking conditions. So, as much importance is given to selecting a vehicle, equal importance must be given to choosing a car insurance policy.

You can purchase comprehensive or third-party car insurance online, where both insurance covers differ significantly. Moreover, add-ons are an additional facility that substantially enhances the range. Other features contribute to an increase in the premiums, but a motor insurance calculator can help you compare the add-ons and select those that fit your budget.

These are significant factors to consider when buying a new car. In addition, the sky is the limit to customizing your vehicle based on the features you need. So, bring home the car of your dreams and enjoy the experience of driving the pleasure of your new vehicle!