All businesses today use accounting software to manage their finances. This has numerous advantages and can work out very well, especially for start-ups and small-scale businesses. Like an accounting team, accounting software is integral to monitoring the business’s health, analyzing profit margins and losses, and ensuring timely sales, salaries, and tax payments. Since the entire process is automated, it takes very few people actually to overlook the process. This results in a cost-effective solution for financial management, centralized regulation of finances and taxes, increased productivity, accurate data generation, and more transparent records.


Different kinds of accounting software can be used for every particular company. The healthcare sector and the fashion industry cannot possibly use the same kind of accounting software. Similarly, the kind of accounting software that a multinational corporation will use will not be the same that a family-owned business can afford. There are different kinds of accounting software with specialized applications. The most commonly used are as follows:

  1. Database accounting software.

This is used by most big corporations and multinational businesses, which typically have high gross revenue. Data is extremely secured in this kind of software, and one needs to hire a systems engineer, consultant, and security team to keep this software running to its full capacity. This kind of software can handle basic tasks such as financial management and perform more complex and sophisticated functions. These are extremely secure against malware risks and are very flexible. However, they are also costly to maintain and install.

2. Cloud accounting software.

This is the most commonly used kind of accounting software. Start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses mainly use it. This is available online and uses cloud services to offer accounting solutions to customers. The data can be accessed through the internet by certified personnel. This is probably the cheapest and most affordable accounting software in maintenance and installation and is extremely flexible in its applications. This can be synced with bank accounts as well, and due to the cloud services, it can be accessed from anywhere. There is a certain data security risk involved due to it being available online.

3. Installed accounting software.

Accounting software is also available in CDs and DVDs, which can be connected with the device to install the software. The installation is quite easy, and these are especially useful in areas with limited internet connectivity. This kind of software is straightforward to use and can be used by small businesses and start-ups. However, this cannot be used in multiple PCs since the manufacturer limits usage to only a certain number of devices. The data available can only be accessed through the device and not online.

These are the main kinds of accounting software used in most businesses. Before selecting one for your business, it is good to research the exact applications of each and then settle on one that would align well with your business objectives.