Winter is the perfect time to start making your travel plans. While many prefer to travel via flights, it is the peak time when many people like road trips. The cool climate all around makes an excuse for a getaway to a holiday destination of your choice.

But when heading out with your family and friends for that road trip, it is essential to be careful driving your car. The low atmospheric temperatures create a fog that significantly hampers visibility, especially while going. It is one of the reasons for road accidents during winter. Car insurance is a smart way to avoid financial losses at such times. Here are five such tips that can help you safely travel during the chilly winters this season –


#1 Avoid the high beam of your car

Using a high beam during fog can considerably reduce visibility on the roads. This way, the traffic from the opposite direction also is aware of a vehicle approaching them. So avoid speeding when the weather affects weather affects visibility, and keep the beam on low.

#2 Avoid trailing the car in front of you

Trailing the car in front of you can cause you to miss turns and lose focus on the road. So instead of following a vehicle, keep your eyes on the road and drive cautiously.

#3 Make timely use of wipers

The fog during the winter can accumulate moisture on the windshield, reducing your vision. Also, the humidity can cause glare created on your windshield. To prevent that from frequently occurring, you should use wipers to clear any moisture droplets ensuring your focus remains on the road.

#4 Maintain a safe distance

Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead is important, even more during the winter. Moisture accumulated on the roads can sometimes cause tires to lose traction and brake at a longer distance. Further, it can make the roads wet in regions where it snows and further reduce your tires’ grip. Thus, maintain a safe distance so emergency braking has adequate stopping space.

#5 Checking your mirrors first

Brakes applied by you suddenly may not give enough time for those driving behind you to stop and end up in an accident. So if you plan to stop, start early, as it provides time for you and those driving behind you to stop at a safe distance. At the same time, having the safety net of car insurance comes in handy. These handy tips can help you drive safely, avoiding accidents. These handy tips can help you drive safely, avoiding accidents.

If you are confused about which add-ons to buy, the car insurance premium calculator is a nifty tool that can aid the buying decision. You can purchase additional riders at the initial purchase date or at car insurance renewal, significantly enhancing your policy coverage. Further, any changes due to these additions in your premium can also be managed to fit into your budget. Please note these winter driving tips and back them up using a car insurance policy for a comprehensive cover and safe journey.