OBV or on stability quantity indicator is used for technical evaluation to degree shopping for and promoting stress. The technique, at first called “non-stop volume” using Woods and Vignola, became later named “on-balance quantity (OBV)” via Joseph Granville, who popularised the method in his 1963 book ‘Granville’s New Key to Stock Market Profits.’

The On Balance Volume Indicator is regarded through the enterprise as one of the most significant momentum and main signs and is excellent for discovering new buying and selling opportunities. OBV measures shopping for and selling strain as a cumulative indicator that provides volume on up days and subtracts on down days. The OBV is in the main traded on stocks and indices, commodities, and the Forex market. It is a pure momentum oscillator, including RSI, while pattern analysis may be combined with OBV to increase signal robustness.


Construction of OBV Indicator

On Balance Volume (OBV) measures shopping for and promoting strain as a cumulative indicator that provides volume on up days and subtracts quantity on down days. When the security closes higher than its previous close, all the day’s extent is considered up-extent. When the safety closes decrease than its former near, all of the day’s quantity is considered down-volume.

For instance, a negative day with 10,00,000 volume isn’t as good-sized if the following up day has 50,00,000 in amount. The extent indicates buyers are very lively in pushing the rate up, and consequently, OBV will flow up over the two days, even though someday became down and the other up.

Working of OBV Indicator

For buyers, the value of OBV isn’t vital; as a substitute, it is the price of alternate in OBV that is used to assist in generating other thoughts. If the OBV is shifting considerably in one path, it could give credence to the concept that a massive move could be coming in that route at a price.

– When each charge and OBV are making better peaks and better troughs, the upward trend will probably continue.
– When both rate and OBV are decreasing peaks and lower troughs, the downward fashion is probable to continue.
– During a buying and selling variety, if the OBV is rising, accumulation may be taking region — a warning of an upward breakout.

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