Surf Excel’s one-minute Holi particular ad ‘Rang Laaye Sang’ (colorings convey us collectively) features two youngsters – a young Hindu female and a Muslim boy. The lady, wearing a white t-shirt, chooses to get stained in Holi shades to guard her Muslim friend who has to visit a close-by mosque.

Emergent logo Surf Excel, regarded for its heart-warming coronary advertisements, lately faced flak over its present-day advertisement-cum-marketing campaign in advance of Holi. On February 27, the emblem released a commercial around the Hindu-Muslim concord however, it immediately confronted complaints about the concept.

Surf Excel’s one-minute Holi particular advert Rang Laaye Sang’ (colorings deliver us together) features kids, a young Hindu woman, and a Muslim boy. The girl, wearing a white t-shirt, chooses to get stained in Holi hues to guard her Muslim buddy, who has to visit a nearby mosque.

Surf Excel advertisement

The commercial ends with Surf Excel’s traditional tagline, drag cache chain’ (stains are precise). Agar Kuch achha Karne Mein drags lag jaaye to pull achhe hain.’ (Stains that come as part of a good deed are correct stains), goes the tagline. The advertisement became launched on February 27 and has already been controlled to garner around eight,583,942 perspectives and 26k thumbs-up on YouTube.

While Hindustan Unilever, proprietor of Surf Excel, tried to sell nonsecular concord with the advertisement, it did now not go down well for a few who felt it be humiliating, Hindu phobic, promoting love jihad, and debatable. Twitter is filled with tweets criticizing the ad under the hashtag #boycottSurfexcel. Some even said that the commercial wants to show off that namaz is extra crucial than Holi.

#boycottSurfexcel due to the fact you also recognize that the upload is humiliating Hinduism. And selling love jihad. Gender choice and speak hold coloration as “drag” isn’t always ideal via Hindu because it is achieved intentionally. Gender choice could have been opposite; additionally, study a tweet.