The studies house determined that at the same time as the Protecting Your Superannuation package could speed up the elimination of unintentional multiple accountants, predicting that 3 million formidable debts might be closed in the quick term, younger people specifically would continue starting various default finances. However, recommendations from the Productivity Commission and Banking Royal Commission went further in trying to prevent the creation of additional multiple default money owed.


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The Productivity Commission’s advice that contributors be allocated a single default fund at the start in their working lives and Commissioner Kenneth Hayne’s ‘stapling’ proposal would both limit needless bills more efficiently, Rice Warner stated.

It mentioned but that the Productivity Commission meant that its recommendation is carried out along the ’10 exceptional-in-display’ model, the implementation of which appeared unlikely. Rice Warner also warned there could be negative implications to having much less superannuation budget in operation, along with charges needing to rise to offer the same offerings but fewer individuals. This could make much smaller budget unavailable; indeed, there had already been merger interest with a budget in search of to avoid rate will increase.