Anum Tariq and Hiraa Khan met as undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley; speedy became friends, then roommates, and today are the co-founders of Ansel & Ivy, an e-commerce enterprise selling potted flora. “Like so many of our friends, we discover peace and calm within the presence of nature; however, we also take place to live in city jungles with limited get right of entry to inexperienced space.

We agree that owning and caring for plants in your non-public spaces, whether or not at home or in the workplace, may be a top-notch substitute to get admission to the outside constantly. Unfortunately, we also recognize that shopping for and worrying for plant life may be a puzzling method for plenty new plant mother and father,” says Khan.

“We help customers choose vegetation that suits their dedication degree and their surroundings by using providing several online filters that guide them thru their purchasing revel in. We additionally consist of digital care instructions with every order,” she adds. Growing an employer from the floor up is in no way an easy feat. However, the founder duo successfully used Pinterest to build a target market and attain clients. They shared their top tips for the use of the social platform as a strong advertising strategy.

Digital Brand

Establish And Refine Brand Aesthetic

Pinterest is a goldmine for discovering emblem aesthetic, emblem design, and all other components of branding. And a low-cost choice properly because it’s a quick way to locate freelancers, evaluate their portfolios, and rent someone to help with an organization’s logo book. Armed with a legitimate record that explains the emblem’s identification and presents logo standards, companies can ensure that the complete group is on the same page while developing advertising substances, writing for the agency website, and walking the everyday commercial enterprise.

Ansel & Ivy goes past just using Pinterest for branding studies; they proportion the technique with their followers as properly. At a time when consumers recognize transparency, this will cross a long way in building loyalty. “Since we use Pinterest actively for our personal internal brand and design research, our account is a place wherein our target market and our customers can comply with along on our adventure as we are searching for also to outline and build our emblem. We curate boards no longer handiest targeted on our merchandise and plant education, but additionally our design-sense and aesthetic as a logo,” stocks Tariq.

Find Inspiration And Track Trends

“Pinterest was a vital platform for us to are seeking for notion concerning developments. Much of our early studies on Pinterest guided our layout, shade scheme, and product pictures strategy,” says Tariq. They noticed an opportunity to observe that plant styling for everyday spaces changed into an underserved place at the social platform. And as a result, Pinterest has become a venue for the organization to percentage their own particular point of view, styling, and care pointers with their target market.

Share A Look Behind The Scenes

In the modern enterprise landscape, purchasers demand transparency and authenticity. And with the myriad of selections when it comes to online shopping, a brand’s capacity to hook up with consumers is crucial. Pinterest can offer a glance behind the curtain of a brand, how they source their products, and even into the employees’ lives. When the human touch is not on hand, the sensation of a non-public connection is the subsequent satisfactory issue.

“We strive to be obvious approximately not only our supply chain and our products however also who we’re, how we paintings, and what inspires us. Social media platforms, like Pinterest, permit us to proportion our company values and personalities with our customers so we can also construct those lasting relationships. By sharing places, areas, colors, and art that inspires us, we are hoping that our clients will recognize us and Ansel & Ivy a little better,” stocks Khan.

Analyze Audience Insights

With one peek into Pinterest’s Audience Insights, you can see what its 250 million users around the sector are into. And these records can lead businesses to tailor many components in their commercial enterprise, whether advertising campaigns, product development, or visual merchandising. Companies have used this information to their advantage within the beyond and seen achievement; for instance, FabFitFun used Pinterest’s trends for 2018 to determine which objects to function in its subscription bins.

“Through Pinterest Insights, we observed that one of the most famous classes for our audience is gardening. Given this perception, we started actively sharing authentic content material targeted at various plant care and gardening elements. Our plant care targeted pins, which have pushed significant site visitors to our internet site, hyperlink to our Help Center where we share precise care commands for each of our flora, in addition to our blog,” says Tariq.

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