A A recent advertisement for drinking water quickly went viral on Saturday, leaving Twitterati giggling and sputtering.

The supply of their hilarity was an commercial in a newspaper through cookware company Prestige for a product known as ‘Prestige Life Straw’, which it claimed changed into “vegetarian water”. And as if it knew its ability consumer base might need more convincing than just that, the ad is going directly to assist you to know that it isn’t only a “gimmick”.

“Pure vegetarian water. Must be a marketing gimmick,” the advert reads.

It follows this with the phrases: “Actually, it isn’t. Most water purifiers declare to kill all viruses, bacteria and germs. But chemically-killed microorganisms remain in the water making it secure, but successfully non-vegetarian. And the identical applies to boiled water too. Prestige Life Straw removes the viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts from the water so that you can get safe, natural vegetarian water”.

However, it simply couldn’t convince a few humans on Twitter, who left a path of jokes, each funnier than the next.
What’s genius approximately the ‘natural vegetarian water’ ad is the reasons the copywriters came up with to justify the 3 words: it’s pure veg because one hundred% microbes are killed. Sad to imagine some terrible soul changed into on gunpoint to come up with the copy to give an explanation for pure veg water.

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