Money laundering and terrorism financing are two of the toughest financial crimes to detect. Both crimes involve the usage of deception and, at times, corruption to masks their access into financial markets and movement via the diverse systems that function inside. The methods used range from quite simple to complicated, which at times contain the usage of multiple events which appear like carrying out legitimate commercial enterprise.

Money laundering is a hazard management approach utilized by criminals. The variety of methods used and their stage of a class depends on the extent and timing of the illegal cash to hide, the ingenuity of the criminals, the recommendation they receive from economic specialists, and the level of hazard they face. For clever, well knowledgeable criminals, the latter is one of the using forces at the back of their choice of laundering techniques because the idea of threat for criminals is nicely understood. And without powerful threat management techniques to keep away from detection and seizure, top echelon criminals could be prosecuted and their assets seized.



Organizations inside the Securities enterprise recognize hazards too. They have to. Otherwise, they cannot offer their clients excellent possible economic advice. However, the challenges involved in calculating monetary danger are extensively less in assessing the criminal hazard. When figuring out financial risk, securities enterprise operators have numerous kinds and volumes of open source and private in-residence records at their disposal. Financial markets are obvious, and when they’re now not, there’s commonly an audit path to establish why it wasn’t. And even as the monetary hazard can not be completely removed, it can be reduced using professional and informed operators.


The criminal danger is completely the opposite. Criminals seeking to launder cash move the entirety with the aid of stealth. The human beings involved are disguised or hide in the back of entities with a diploma of respectability or third-birthday celebration intermediaries. And any cash or property derived from crime is treated, disguised, and moved in a way to prevent discovery.

Organized crime does not put up information about their criminal sports or how they launder their money. And unluckily, in many countries, together with Botswana, where the records of regulation enforcement in terms of money laundering is not giant, there’s little statistics at the nearby criminal surroundings to manual the securities enterprise on what criminals do with their money.

But the absence of information approximately crook methods is only one ML/TF project dealing with the securities enterprise in Botswana. Unfortunately, there are numerous. And it’s far very vital for firms within the industry to have superb expertise of them. As a result of the mutual evaluation through the Financial Action Task Force, which located Botswana on a listing as a rustic of excessive money laundering chance, the international network uses higher scrutiny to transactions emanating to and from u. S.

Unlike large foreign organizations and western countries that get stuck up in money laundering scandals, establishments in Botswana can not find the money to. One large ML/TF incident related to a company within the securities industry should bring about that firm being closed out of the Botswana financial gadget and worldwide monetary markets.


Provided cash isn’t always concerned; services and products provided by firms in the securities sector fall inside the layering degree of cash laundering. Consequently, ML/TF risks can come from many gateways in Botswana or offshore, as illicit finances might have already entered the economic machine. And earlier than they are acquired through the securities industry. The crook proceeds are therefore normally properly hidden at that level.

From a crook research perspective, based totally on my enjoy, it’s miles hard to show, though no longer not possible, a nexus between the laundering and the predicate offense as soon as the laundering enters the layering degree. And if a law enforcement enterprise struggles to establish money laundering within the layering stage using surveillance, witnesses, searching premises, listening devices, and telephone interception, what hope has a firm inside the securities industry were given without the one’s resources?

Having information about how criminals in Botswana and those based offshore launder money is essential to enhance the possibility of detecting it. There isn’t any alternative for know-how derived from revel in. Only while a complete understanding of cash laundering methods has been obtained is it possible for a designated birthday celebration that operates inside the securities industry to put together and implement a threat primarily based technique to counter that crime.


Acquiring data on crook money laundering strategies can be finished by way of attending suitable education workshops held with the aid of experienced cash laundering investigators; sharing data with colleagues in the industry; being lively amongst professional businesses that provide recommendations in terms of crime, no longer just economic crime and by having effective expert relationships with the Financial Intelligence Agency; the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority and different relevant regulators especially the Botswana Stock Exchange.

It isn’t always viable to locate all-cash laundering. There’s absolute confidence that a detailed birthday celebration, particularly a securities industry firm, could be involved at some stage within the handling of proceeds of crime. And it’s miles rather in all likelihood it’s going to arise extra than once. But while neighborhood and overseas regulators and law enforcement organizations come seeking answers, a special party needs to be in a function to say that it did all it may fall within its confined assets to pick out the money laundering and document it.