Branding isn’t just about choosing out some layout elements for your enterprise and leaving it. 121 (pronounced one to 1) USA LLC is one branding enterprise aware of the importance of making ongoing relationships with clients. The company gives daily services and ambitions to respond to all purchaser requests in a well-timed way. Read extra about the business and how it’s seeking to disrupt the branding area in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What Business Does

Offers everyday branding offerings for companies. President and CEO of 121 Francisco Serrano informed Small Business Trends, “Our purpose is to help you entice your logo’s goal, no longer to compete towards your creative and strategic groups. From design, virtual model, and implementation to integrated manufacturing, 121 will work with you to grow your brand at the same time as providing you with peace of mind.”

Business Niche

Delivering services fast. Serrano says, “121 provides the quickest response time within the enterprise (averaging between 35 to 50 percent quicker than different organizations), giving corporations throughout the globe a brand new way to execute their branding wishes.”

How the Business Got Started

To disrupt the branding enterprise. Serrano founded the organization 16 years ago. He wanted the employer to become a frontrunner in two key areas of the branding industry — responding to client requests speedy and offering superior customer support.

Small Business

Biggest Win

Building lasting relationships with clients. Serrano says, “We have relationships that nowadays are 6 o 7 years long, and that is no small thing in our enterprise.”

Biggest Risk

Standing out from the group. Serrano explains, “Many creative agencies together with ours are very tons involved in the pretty a part of the enterprise leaving apart the practical a part of the purchaser’s desires, and we located in that void our principal benefit and also a large threat due to the fact from time to time could be very difficult to explain our scope.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving the group. Serrano cited that the corporation could be interested in locating new ways to broaden skills to improve the business from the inside.

1) Your Brand is whatever people’s first impression is of you.
2) It should be consistent
3) It should be congruent – everything in your business should be in line with your Brand
4) It creates loyal clients
5) It should make the clients feel they are getting value
6) It should invoke an emotional experience
7) It should be something people can relate to

Points you want to consider when Branding

a. Profitability will help you become profitable
b. Marketability – is it something you can Market
c. Credibility – is it Credible
d. Visibility – how will you make it visible, e. Invisibility – you need to ensure you stand out and you are not invisible
f. Instability – does it invoke stability

For long term Brand Equity, consider the following:

1. The money required to Brand yourself
2. How to Brand yourself
3. What to Brand
4. Is it consistent and congruent with you and your business
5. When you look in the mirror, is it something you can relate to

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