The global community is becoming more aware of digital currency. There is a lot of debate on the effect of cryptocurrency on business. 2020 may have many uncertainties, but it offers a vast opportunity for growth for digital currencies. Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, we might witness the real worth of switching to cryptocurrency as a payment mode. Expert advice with Karl Schranz is essential to ascertain the opportunities and risks. As the economy is looking to recover post-COVID19, businesses will be doing businesses differently. Let us take a look at some trends that will likely impact the economy during the recovery process.


Adoption of Modern Technology by Financial Institutions

With digital currency becoming more popular with each passing day, financial institutions implement some of the industry’s technology. One of the most popular ones is the blockchain features in the system. Banks are adopting the feature to enhance their financial management systems and for verification purposes. Major corporations are likely to also adopt modern technology for their transactions. It is likely to happen sooner than later. With the success of blockchain, the mass may request the addition of the feature in all kinds of financial transactions. Investors can use their bank accounts to trade directly with the crypto industry.

A shift in Business Processes

Foreign governments such as China are adopting currency in a digital platform. Currently, the project is at its pilot stage, and developers are looking for ways to optimize the platform. Businesses will likely switch to such kinds of transactions since it is getting backing from governments. Other countries will follow suit and consider implementing the use of digital currency. Large corporations in the United States of America are also trying out the business model. With global acceptance and support, it is a matter of time until the business booms worldwide. Soon, transactions between international firms will be happing in cryptocurrency.

New Laws and Regulations

Over the years, the crypto industry has been growing exponentially. Government entities are looking to cash on the industry and impose taxations on digital assets. Digital currency is currently considered a security, and authorities are looking to set up more market regulations. Although companies were afraid of investing in crypto, they can now be more confident due to the legislation being put in place. Businesses will find the platform secure, and they will most probably also switch to digital currency.

Is becoming a preferred Mode of Payment

The recent global COVID19 pandemic has exposed some flaws in the FIAT currency. At the same time, investments in digital currency are going up. Since there are more users of the crypto platforms, businesses are likely to accept it as a payment mode. Already, businesses offering services such as those in online dating platforms are accepting payments in cryptocurrency. International brands and social media sites are also in the process of implementing such a project.


If things continue going as it is, 2020 might be the year digital currency gets global acceptance. It may start during the year and continue. As a potential investor in cryptocurrency, the future looks bright.

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